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The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine (IJPM)
Edited By: John R. Freedy and Associate Editor: Ronald E. Acierno

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...bridges the gap between clinical psychiatry research and primary care clinical research.

Providing a forum for addressing:
The relevance of psychobiological, psychological, social, familial, religious, and cultural factors in the development and treatment of illness; the relationship of biomarkers to psychiatric symptoms and syndromes in primary care; research on dealing with the challenges of managing psychiatric syndromes in the setting of multiple medical co-morbidities; the impact of financial and technological changes in clinical practice on the broad scope of psychiatry health care; the significance and meaning of disease to the emotional and psychological state of individuals, and medical education research that helps prepare future practitioners to address these issues.

The aim of The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine (IJPM) is to provide a forum where researchers, educators, and clinicians concerned with mental health, primary health care, and related aspects of medical care from around the world can educate each other and advance knowledge concerning psychobiological, psychosocial, biobehavioral, and social theory, methods, and treatment as they apply to patient care. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: psychobiological, psychological, social, religious, and cultural modifiers of illness; the minor and moderate mental disorders seen and treated in primary care medical practice; biomedical etiologies of mental health symptoms; research from successful collaborative, multidisciplinary models such as geriatrics; and health services research. IJPM bridges the gap between publications that adopt an almost exclusively research orientation and those that are more narrowly focused on clinical psychiatry, apart from the mainstream of primary care medicine. The Journal publishes original research, review articles, innovative clinical and educational programs, and illustrative case reports. People at all stages of career development, from student through seasoned professional, are encouraged to submit their work for editorial consideration.

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Dr. Freedy is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston. He is both a licensed clinical psychologist and a board certified family physician. His professional duties include serving as Director of Behavioral Science Curriculum for the Trident/MUSC Family Medicine Residency in Charleston. He also serves as Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the College of Medicine at MUSC. As an educator, he works with learners at all stages of professional development, from beginning students through postgraduate learners. His academic and research interests include: violence and traumatic stress; PTSD; the relationship between mental health and chronic illness; behavioral science curriculum development; and Balint group work. Dr. Freedy maintains an active family medicine practice in both outpatient and inpatient settings.

Dr. Acierno is Director of the PTSD Clinical Team at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), where he is Director of the Older Adult Crime Victims Clinic. He is also Executive Director and Founder of the nonprofit Veterans on Deck, an organization that uses sailing as a means of community reintegration for veterans. Dr. Acierno has two related but distinct research foci: epidemiological studies of elder mistreatment; and treatment outcome studies with anxiety disorders, focusing on PTSD in military-, disaster-, and violence-affected populations. His recent research is on using home-based telemedicine for treatment delivery for victims of trauma, disaster, combat, or loss. Dr. Acierno thus mixes epidemiological research with treatment outcome research, and keeps close to the clinical world as a clinician-administrator for treatment programs serving both civilian and military traumatized populations.


The archive—
This impressive collection of electronic, fully searchable pdf's spans 28 years beginning with Volume 1, 1970, through Volume 28, 1998; it comprises 112 issues, 909 articles, and 10,377 pages. The collection may be purchased outright for the low price of $2043.00*, or may be received as part of an enhanced subscription for just $136.00/year over the current subscription rate. The outright purchase is a truly remarkable value for this quality and quantity of content—for over 10,000 pages, the breakdown is just 20 cents per page!

Born over 40 years ago, IJPM emerged in response to the growing need for a journal to consolidate the growing body of literature in the field of comprehensive medical care. IJPM has clearly met that need and continues to enrich the medical literature. This extensive resource collection covers all the developments and trends in the field as they originated and evolved; an unsurpassed treasure trove of information at one's fingertips!

We encourage you to examine the abstracts in this collection, all are free to read.

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The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine is a peer refereed journal.

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