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Imagination, Cognition and Personality
Consciousness in Theory • Research • Clinical Practice

Edited By: Robert G. Kunzendorf and James M. Honeycutt

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This pioneering Journal explores uncharted scientific territory and creative research-based clinical interventions. Articles examine the stream of consciousness and the flow of human experience in relationship to human development and behavior, imagery and creativity, fantasy and imagination, brain structure and function, aesthetics and the humanities, and social and cultural influences. A variety of authorities examine the uses of imagery, fantasy and other resources of consciousness in psychotherapy, behavior modification, hypnosis, medicine, education, and other applied fields.

Since 1981 this quarterly Journal, Imagination, Cognition and Personality has presented thoughtful investigations of images, fantasies, memory fragments, narrative constructions, and future anticipations, all of which constitute our moment-to-moment experience of awareness. It presents original scientific research examining the relationship of consciousness to brain structure and function, to sensory process, to human development, to aesthetic experience, and to the flow of life events. If you haven't had the opportunity to examine this important Journal, perhaps it's time you did—why not request a complimentary sample issue today! Just click the link on the right.

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The archive—
This impressive collection of electronic, fully searchable pdf's spans 18 years beginning with Volume 1, 1981-82, through Volume 18, 1998; it comprises 70 issues, 405 articles, and 5728 pages. The collection may be purchased outright for the low price of $976.00*, or may be received as part of an enhanced subscription for just $98.00/year over the current subscription rate. The outright purchase is a truly remarkable value for this quality and quantity of content—for over 5,000 pages, the breakdown is less than 17 cents per page!

Imagination, Cognition and Personality, born 32 years ago, quickly became and remains a sought after forum for the exchange of concepts, problems, and techniques among health professions.

We encourage you to examine this extensive resource collection; all article abstracts from the collection are free to read.

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Imagination, Cognition and Personality, Consciousness in Theory • Research • Clinical Practice is a peer refereed journal.

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