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Journal of Educational Technology Systems
Edited By: Thomas T. Liao and Lori L. Scarlatos

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The Journal of Educational Technology Systems offers a forum for publishing papers from both academia and industry concerning applications of technology that enable or improve learning. These papers will be from all levels of educational institutions, and from commercial and training organizations. Educational systems, both software and hardware, that improve or evaluate instruction are of primary interest. The pace at which new technologies are entering the educational and training processes is of vital interest to educators, administrators and researchers. Reports of successes in current multimedia applications provide guidance to readers contemplating such programs. Evaluations will also target factors that can result in failures.

Special emphasis is given to papers that deal with the use of computers and web-based instruction as an integral component of educational systems. Design and development of interactive computer-based systems that link other instructional technologies are of particular interest. The Journal of Educational Technology Systems also deals with the nature of technological systems useful for teaching and learning. More importantly, the Journal focuses on  techniques and curriculum that utilize technology in all types of educational systems. Description of actual classroom practice and experimentation with the educational use of technology is an equally important aspect of the Journal. Finally, this peer-refereed Journal features innovative papers about alternative models for distance learning.

Award Winning Article
Our article, New Pedagogies and Re-Usable Learning Objects: Toward a New Economy in Education, by Betty Collis and Allard Strijker has been selected as the Winner of the 2002 Outstanding Journal Article Award, presented by the Division of Instructional Development (DID), Association for Education Communication and Technology. Click here to read the abstract.

The Journal of Educational Technology Systems deals with systems in which technology and education interface and is designed to inform educators who are interested in making optimum use of technology.

As a subscriber, you can depend on the Journal to help you, and those who seek your counsel, make intelligent decisions about the effective use and evaluation of technology as it pertains to the learning process.

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Journal of Educational Technology Systems , born 40 years ago, quickly became and remains a go-to resource for the latest applications of technology that enable or improve learning.

We encourage you to examine this extensive resource collection; all article abstracts from the collection are free to read.

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Journal of Educational Technology Systems is a peer refereed journal.

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