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Journal of Environmental Systems
Editor: Sheldon R. Reaven
Please note that effective December 5, 2014, SAGE Publications will be the publisher of Journal of Environmental Systems. This Journal was discontinued by SAGE – access will be provided via CLOCKSS

The vital, professional Journal that comes to grips with solutions to environmental problems.

The ONE professional Journal for: Scientists and Engineers, Government Regulatory and Policy Officials, Waste and Recycling Managers, Architects and Planners, Sociologists and Psychologists, Environmental Organizations, and all who are concerned with THE TOTAL HUMAN AND NATURAL ENVIRONMENT.

The only Journal of its kind, the Journal of Environmental Systems is an interdisciplinary forum for the environmental professions. The Journal examines environmental problems as systems in which complex natural phenomena affect, and are affected by, the human world of economics, regulation and law, and culture, behavior, and public perceptions.

The Journal is where environmental professionals from many disciplines exchange ideas on, and devise solutions to, problems in waste management, energy and resources, and local and global water, land, and air pollution. Join the worldwide readership of the Journal and have at your fingertips the definitive professional resource that integrates the human and natural dimensions of environmental problems and issues.

Our knowledge of the environmental, energy, and waste problems we face is burgeoning in many individual disciplines.

Yet the more we seem to know, the more we realize that the territory of uncertainty is vast:  We discover, more and more, the bewildering complexities of environmental systems themselves, and find that they cannot be understood within the confines of individual fields of science and engineering. It becomes ever more evident that environmental problems can be understood only in the context of their social, economic, and regulatory "environments." There are lively, continuing disagreements among environmental professionals as to the basic theories, concepts, methods of analysis, and values that most fruitfully explore environmental issues and systems. 

The Journal of Environmental Systems publishes articles of interest to working environmental professionals that, whatever the specific topic, in some way illustrate or shed light on these three themes. Articles range from case studies of particular environmental/energy/waste problems or technologies, to assessments of overall system environmental (or cost, risk, energy, etc.) impacts, to broad discussions of issues of theory, methodology, and policy. The emphasis is on practical environmental problems, such as recycling and waste minimization, but approached in ways that also pinpoint underlying theory and foundational issues.

The Journal is an indispensable resource for environmental professionals. Subscribe now!

READERSHIP In more than 40 countries, JES is read by engineers, scientists, business executives, government officials, and others involved in areas relevant to environmental systems.

Leading subscription areas include: recycling and waste management; policy analysis and risk analysis; energy/resource modeling and environmental impact assessment; environmental health and safety; architecture and urban studies; civil engineering, transportation, and public utilities (energy and water); ecology and environmental engineering; law and economics; anthropology and psychology; science and technology studies.

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The archive—
This impressive collection of electronic, fully searchable pdf's spans 26 years beginning with Volume 1, 1971, through Volume 26, 1997-98; it comprises 104 issues, 607 articles, and 9404 pages. The collection may be purchased outright for the low price of $976.00*, or may be received as part of an enhanced subscription for just $98.00/year over the current subscription rate. The outright purchase is a truly remarkable value for this quality and quantity of content—for over 9,000 pages the breakdown is just 10 cents per page!

Journal of Environmental Systems , born over 40 years ago, quickly became and remains a go-to resource for the latest applications of technology that enable or improve learning.

We encourage you to examine this extensive resource collection; all article abstracts from the collection are free to read.

*Plus $25.00 annual hosting fee.

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Journal of Environmental Systems is a peer refereed journal.

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