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Journal of Recreational Mathematics
Edited By: Charles Ashbacher and Lamarr Widmer
Please note that effective December 5, 2014, SAGE Publications will be the publisher of Journal of Recreational Mathematics. This Journal was discontinued by SAGE and is not available online.

The exciting side of numbers . . .

A journal devoted to the lighter side of mathematics. Featuring thought-provoking, stimulating, and wit-sharpening games, puzzles, and articles that challenge the mental agility of everyone who enjoys the intricacies of mathematics.

The Journal of Recreational Mathematics is intended to fulfill the need of those who desire a periodical uniquely devoted to the lighter side of mathematics. No special mathematical training is required. You will find such things as number curiosities and tricks, paper-folding creations, chess and checker brain-teasers, articles about mathematics and mathematicians, discussion of some higher mathematics and their applications to everyday life and to puzzles solving. You'll find some occasional word games and cryptography, a lot to do with magic squares, map-coloring, geometric dissections, games with a mathematical flavor, and many other topics generally included in the fields of puzzles and recreational mathematics.

The Journal of Recreational Mathematics is ideally suited for use in any extracurricular math activity in high-school or junior college. Its non-textbook approach will clarify in a recreational form many of the abstract concepts wrestled with in formal classroom situations. The Journal is tailor-made for anyone fascinated by numbers and number phenomena, from seemingly simple arithmetic to involved calculus. The Journal of Recreational Mathematics, a journal that is thought provoking and stimulating—offers everyone interested in math a never-ending parade of the exciting side of mathematics. Join your fellow math enthusiasts and subscribe to this truly international Journal, with both subscribers and contributors from over 25 countries throughout the world.

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Has a Salary Cap in the NFL Improved Competitive Balance? by Andrew K. Barriger, John W. Sharpe, Brendan P. Sullivan, and Paul M. Sommers

Park Elevation and Long Ball Flight in Major League Baseball by Jason M. Bloch, Kieran M. Coe, James K. Ebberson, and Paul M. Sommers

A Fourth-Order Digitally-Reversible Polylingual Bialphabetic Alphamagic Square by Lee B. Croft and Samuel Comi

Triangular Numbers with Pell Generators by Thomas Koshy

Square Catalan Numbers by Thomas Koshy and Zhenguang Gao

The Changing Racial Composition of Baseball’s All-Stars, 1950-2007 by Michael W. Winter and Paul M. Sommers

Studies in Magic Tours of Knight on 16 ´ 16 Board by Awani Kumar

Calculations by Katelyn Sack

On a Curious Property of the Number 37 by Elga Pakulis

Woodchucks by Steven Kahan

Exploring Sudoku by Andrew Incognito, Laura Hodge, and Collin Witt

Aaron–Bonds Pairs by Douglas E. Iannucci

An Interesting Family of Prime-Producing Polynomials by Bernard Haussy

Dr. Matrix on Little Known Fibonacci Curiosities by Martin Gardner

Philatelic Dissection Puzzle by Anil M. Nawlakhe

Closed Monochromatic Bishops’ Tours by Joe DeMaio

Some Words on Friday the Thirteenth by Richard Stein

An Arithmetic Alphametic Problem Solving Program by Timothy Garrett, Brian Jerome, Ellen Milbach, Andrew Reichenauer, and Charles Ashbacher

Paradox of Nontransitive Dice by Leyla Batakci and Kelly Singer

When Do NFL Quaterbacks Pass Their Prime? by Stefan G. Hrdina and Paul M. Sommers

The Discovery of a Periodic Table of the Prime Numbers by George A. Knudsen, Jr.

The Order 5 General Bimagic Square by Michael P. Cohen

New Curiosities Conerning Easter 2008 and the Digits of 23 by Owen O’Shea

New Curiosities on the Number 137 by Owen O’Shea

The Number 1729 by Owen O’Shea

Symmetric Games with Only Win/Loss Outcomes by W. F. C. Taylor

Harshad Numbers by Ed Bloem

© Copyright Volume 1 - 1968 through Volume 37 - 2008

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