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Neoliberalism, Globalization, and Inequalities: Consequences for Health and Quality of Life
Edited by Vicente Navarro

Policy, Politics, Health and Medicine Series, Vicente Navarro, Series Editor

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"An impressive and comprehensive set of insights into the current state of globalization. This is an essential book for anyone who wants to know how and why neoliberalism has failed to deliver on its promises."
—Jeff Faux, Founder and Distinguished Fellow, Economic Policy Institute, Washington, DC, Author, The Global Class War

"Vicente Navarro has assembled a comprehensive, tightly argued, and powerfully supported set of contributions that demonstrate the links between neoliberalism, economic inequality, and health outcomes in a convincing and very timely fashion."
—Andrew Glyn, Professor of Economics, Oxford University

"These incisive essays dissecting neoliberal globalization provide highly significant information along with careful and penetrating analysis, subjecting claims of advocates and critics to the test of judiciously assembled empirical evidence. Moreover, they develop neglected perspectives that should prove invaluable to those seeking to dismantle illusions and deceptive presentations, and to discover the real human consequences of the dominant intellectual and policy paradigms of the past several decades. They are a very welcome contribution to the understanding of some of the most critical issues of the contemporary era. It is an outstanding work and a remarkably important book."
—Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor, Retired, MIT

"This book provides essential reading for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers wanting to understand the rapid social, health, and economic changes in today's world. It offers an excellent base for reflection on forces driving these changes as well as critical analyses of now widespread interpretations of their causes and consequences."
—Walter Korpi, Professor of Social Policy, Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University

"Never in our history have human beings enjoyed such good health; but never have so many persons suffered or died prematurely because of hunger, poverty, and avoidable diseases, and never have inequities in health been so deep and so evident. Vicente Navarro, internationally known as a champion of social justice, has assembled the best contributions from all over the world. This book appears at a time when health for all is being recognized as a fundamental human right and a touchstone of the civilization of any country. All those who work in this field may enjoy reading these essays and find a new stimulus for their activity."
—Giovanni Berlinguer, Professor Emeritus, Sciences Faculty, University of Rome Member of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health

…"This important book is packed full of evidence that challenges conventional economic wisdom surrounding the issue of globalization. The contributors succeed in their purpose of raising the alarm about the consequences of neoliberal economic policies for human development. The issues the book raises are legitimate concerns for public health: it would be a tragedy if nobody listens",
—Margaret Whitehead, The Lancet Volume 371, April 5, 2008.

"This book provides the reader knowledge of how the peoples of the world have suffered under neoliberalism and what they can do to fight back. Obtaining this information is an absolute necessity for public health professionals. Various chapters both shocked and motivated me, as will be the case for most readers. We must educate ourselves if we are to be effective in helping all who live in our present world. I urge you to read this book."
—Alvin Winder, Ph.D., MPH, International Quarterly of Community Health Education, Volume 27(2)

"Vicente Navarro has compiled probably one of the most comprehensive reviews of the effects of neoliberal economic policies on the health care systems and population health statuses of both developed and developing countries in his extensive volume titled Neoliberalism, Globalization, and Inequalities: Consequences for Health and Quality of Life.

Members of nursing communities would benefit greatly from reading the studies and analyses found in this book. Navarro’s work provides the foundation for a new avenue of nursing research that accounts for, among other things, the greater effects of economic policies on health systems, nursing-sensitive patient outcomes, and nursing human resources production. It is a worthy compilation of a solid body of research that merits more attention by health policymakers."
—Allison Squires, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, Nursing Ethics, 17(1) 143–147

Since U.S. President Reagan and U.K. Prime Minister Thatcher, a major ideology (under the name of economic science) has been expanded worldwide that claims that the best policies to stimulate human development are those that reduce the role of the state in economic and social lives: privatizing public services and public enterprises, deregulating the mobility of capital and labor, eliminating protectionism, and reducing public social protection. This ideology, called "neoliberalism," has guided the globalization of economic activity and become the conventional wisdom in international agencies and institutions (such as the IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization, and the technical agencies of the United Nations, including the WHO). Reproduced in the "Washington consensus" in the United States and the "Brussels consensus" in the European Union, this ideology has guided policies widely accepted as the only ones possible and advisable.

This book assembles a series of articles that challenge that ideology. Written by well-known scholars, these articles question each of the tenets of neoliberal doctrine, showing how the policies guided by this ideology have adversely affected human development in the countries where they have been implemented.

Vicente Navarro is Professor of Health and Public Policy, Sociology, and Policy Studies at The Johns Hopkins University, USA, and Professor of Political and Social Sciences at the Pompeu Fabra University, Spain. He has also been Professor of Economics at Barcelona University, Spain. Dr. Navarro has served as consultant to the United Nations and to many of its agencies, such as the WHO and UNICEF, and been a member of many international commissions dealing with human development areas. He has written extensively on political economy, public policy, and human development and his books have been translated into many different languages. His most recent volumes include The Political Economy of Social Inequalities: Consequences for Health and Quality of Life and The Politics of Health Policy.

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Neoliberalism, Globalization, and Inequalities: Consequences for Health and Quality of Life

Editor: Vicente Navarro
Paper ISBN:
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Page Count: 518
Copyright: 2007

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