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Hallym International Journal of Aging
Instructions to Authors
Submit manuscript to: Prof. Hyunsook Yoon
Department of Social Welfare
Hallym University
39 Hallymdaehak-gil, Chuncheon
Gangwon-do, 200-702 Korea
Fax: +82-33-244-9245

Originality. Only original articles are accepted for publication. Submission of a manuscript representation on the part of the author(s) that neither the article submitted, nor a version of it has been published, or is being considered for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts. Submit four copies. Retain one copy, as manuscript will not be returned. Manuscript must be processed or typewritten on 8-1/2" x 11 white paper, one side only, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins. Paginate consecutively starting with the title page. Use of IBM-compatible software is encouraged to facilitate electronic typesetting, and a corrected disk may be submitted after copyediting.

Title Page. Including the title of the manuscript and the full name and (with footnotes) affiliation, address, telephone number, fax number, and E-mail address of each author.

Abstract and Key Words. On a separate page, each article should include a one-paragraph abstract of 100 to 150 words typed double-spaced, author should supply 3-5 key words below the abstract.

Format. Prepare manuscripts according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Society (5th ed.). Type acknowledgments and name and address of corresponding author on a separate page and place before the abstract.

Text Reference. Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.) for style. References in text are shown by citing in parentheses the author’s surname and the year of publication. Example: "...a recent study (Jones, 1987) has shown." If a reference has 2 authors, the citation includes the surnames of both authors each time the citation appears in the text. When a reference has more than 2 authors and fewer than 6 authors, cite all authors the first time the reference occurs. In subsequent citations, and for all citations having 6 or more authors, include only the surname of the first author followed by "et al." Multiple references cited at the same point in the text are in alphabetical order by author’s surname.

Reference List. Type double-spaced and arrange alphabetically by author's surname; do not number.

The reference list includes only references cited in the text and in most cases should not exceed 50 entries. Do not include references to private communications or submitted work. Consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.) for correct form.

Journals: Binstock, R. H. (1983). The aged as scapegoat. The Gerontologist, 23, 1136-1143, and DOI (digital object identifier). Click here for a brief definition and link to's fast and free DOI look up.

Books: Quadagno, J. S. (1982). Aging in early industrial societies, DOI. New York: Academic Press.

Tables. Type tables on separate sheets, double-spaced; number consecutively with arabic numbers and supply a brief title for each. Type table footnotes immediately below the table, using superscript letters (a, b, c) as reference marks. Asterisks are used only for probability levels of test of significance (*p < .05). Indicate preferred placement for each table in the text.

Illustrations. Photographs must be black-and-white. Figures must be professionally lettered in a sans-serif type (e.g., Univers or Helvetica) or from a laser printer. Typewritten or dot matrix lettering is not acceptable. Do not send original copy with a manuscript submitted for review; include 5 photocopies of original or roughly drawn legible draft. Upon acceptance of article, originals must be submitted. Type figure legends double-spaced on a separate page.

Copyright. Authors of accepted manuscripts must transfer copyright to the Hallym International Journal of Aging. However, authors have unlimited rights to republish their classroom activities. When articles are republished or duplicated under these circumstances, a citation to the previous publication in the HIJA and approval are required.

Authors will receive twenty complimentary reprints of their published article.
Additional reprints may be ordered.

Hallym International Journal of Aging

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